Five Fun Ways To Eat Moon Bites

Five Fun Ways To Eat Moon Bites

We designed Moon Bites to be convenient and delicious to eat just as they are. But we've rounded up five fun alternative ways to enjoy them below:

1. Crumble And Sprinkle Over Smoothie And Yoghurt Bowls

Moon Bite - Crumbled Over Smoothie Bowl  Moon Bites - Crumbled Over Yoghurt Bowl

2. Crumble And Sprinkle Over Salad

Moon Bites - Crumbled Over Salads  Moon Bites - Crumbled Over Salads

3. Cut In Half, Generously Apply Nut Butter, And Enjoy A Moon Bite Sandwich

Moon Bites - Nut Butter Sandwich

4. Dip In Dark Chocolate

Moon Bites - Dipped in Dark Chocolate

5. Blend Into Your Smoothie

Moon Bites - Blended Into Smoothie  Moon Bites - Blended into your Smoothie

We'd love to hear how you'd eat your Moon Bites in the comments below.

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