Seed Syncing Explained

Seed Syncing Explained

The chart above depicts the ideal 28-day menstrual cycle, demonstrating the fluctuations in estrogen and progesterone over its two phases.

But this is not a reality for most women, as irregular cycles and extreme symptoms often signal hormonal imbalance.

Seed Syncing helps women restore hormonal balance, naturally.

Following the Seed Syncing protocol women eat seeds daily, in specific combinations, depending on which phase of the menstrual cycle they're in: follicular or luteal. 

Each seed has a specific micronutrient or chemical compound that, research has shown, helps support a women's body in better modulating the production and elimination of estrogen and progesterone.

We designed Moon Bites to help women return to the natural rhythm of their periods through the Seed Syncing protocol.



Phase 1



Phase 2

Phase 1, The Follicular Phase

Phase 1 begins on the first day of the period and is characterized by a rise in estrogen, which peaks at ovulation (typically Day 14).

Ingredients in Phase 1 Moon Bites support the body in eliminating excess estrogen and are also high in zinc, to aid the rise in progesterone that is characteristic of Phase 2.

Phase 2, The Luteal Phase

Phase 2 occurs after ovulation, when estrogen levels drop and progesterone significantly rises, tapering off toward the end of the cycle.

Phase 2 Moon Bites contain ingredients that block excess estrogen absorption and those rich in selenium, which promotes liver detoxification. The liver is how the body eliminates hormones.

Start Seed Syncing with our Moon Bites.

It takes time and dedication to support the body, naturally, as it rediscovers it's natural rhythm. Seed Syncing is not an overnight fix and most integrative health practitioners recommend women follow the protocol for a minimum of three months.

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  • I’m menopausal…
    I refuse to take hormones to regulate the hormonal “shift” going on inside me!!!!
    So you think seed therapy wild help me with my body’s hormonal shift?

    Linda on

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