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Vanilla Almond + Choco Hazel Moon Bites

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Vanilla Almond (Phase 1): flax seeds**, pumpkin seeds**, Medjool dates**, almonds, macadamia nuts, vanilla bean**, pink salt.

Choco Hazel (Phase 2): sesame seeds**, sunflower seeds**, Medjool dates**, hazelnuts**, cacao, pink salt.

    **denotes organic.

    Recommended for

    Women experiencing unwanted period-related symptoms and/or irregular cycles and looking for a natural, nutrition-based solution. 

    Our Moon Bites Monthly Subscription Box make it simple, convenient, and delicious to practice seed syncing* daily and help rebalance hormones, naturally.

    Each box has a 28-day supply of Moon Bites. Eat one pack (two 20g energy bites) daily, depending on where you're at in your menstrual cycle. Our Guide To Great Periods (included) has everything you need to get started.

    *also known as seed cycling.

    How to eat Moon Bites

    If you're having a regular period, you can start eating one pack of Phase 1 Moon Bites daily from the first day of your period for 14 days. Once finished, switch to one pack of Phase 2 Moon Bites daily for 14 days. Restart with Phase 1 at your next period.***

    If your period is irregular or missing, you can start eating one of Phase 1 Moon Bites daily on the New Moon. Continue for 14 days, at which point (on the Full Moon), you can switch to eating Phase 2 Moon Bites daily for 14 days. Restart with Phase 1 at the New Moon.****

    ***if your cycle is longer than 28 days, you may have a few days "off" before restarting Phase 1 at your next period.

    ****our Moon Bites, and seed syncing, honor the historic connection between women's menses and the lunar cycle.  

    Duration & Benefits

    Seed syncing and our Moon Bites are 100% natural, so they're not an overnight fix. Women should follow the practice for a minimum of three months to see sustained benefits. On average, our customers report more regular cycles and improvement in period-related symptoms (e.g. cramps, hormonal acne, PMS) by their third box. We've noticed customers that make other healthy lifestyle choices often see improvements sooner.


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