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How long do I need to follow the seed syncing protocol?

Natural solutions aren't an overnight fix, they often involve adopting a new habit. Our protocol recommends women eat one pack (40g) of Moon Bites daily for a minimum of three months to see a sustained improvement. We've noticed that women that already eat healthily, exercise regularly, and manage stress well, often see results sooner. With that said, if you're struggling with a tough case of PCOS or endometriosis, you may need to be more patient with your body.

Does it really work?

Each seed used in the seed syncing protocol is backed by scientific research on how their micronutrients interact with the female endocrine system. To read our literature review, please visit foodperiod.com. You’ll also find testimonials from our customers and integrative health practitioners who prescribe the protocol to their patients for a variety of use cases, from managing period-related symptoms to promoting fertility to easing the transition into menopause.

Can I seed sync if I use birth control or have an IUD?

Definitely! Most women use seed syncing when they aren’t taking birth control, because when on the pill (or other form), your body isn’t producing estrogen and progesterone in the quantities it normally would. Seed syncing supports your body in modulating the production and elimination of those natural hormones, so it’s more effective if you aren’t on birth control. However, we have customers taking birth control that use our product and have reported symptom improvement too.

Will it work for me?

Our Moon Bites support a women's hormone cycle to go back to its natural rhythm. No matter if you are in your 20's with a period problem, in your 30's getting pregnant or transitioning off the birth control pill, our seed syncing protocol is a gentle way to help you reach your ideal cycle.

Why are they called Moon Bites?

To honor the historic connection between women’s menstrual cycles and the lunar cycle. Before the inception of artificial light, women’s periods used to follow the lunar cycle. Imagine, all women used to get their period at the New Moon.

Are your products organic?

We source organic ingredients whenever possible. All organic ingredients are denoted.


Do you offer same day delivery?

We hand deliver to local NYC customers. If you pick this shipping method, we can meet up and even grab coffee, on us!

How will I know when my order has shipped?

Don't worry, we got you! You'll receive an email notification with tracking information.

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Is Food Period hiring?

Yes, we always have room to grow! Please send your resume and job inquiry to hello@foodperiod.com


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