Our Story

Jenn Kim and Britt Martin (New York City, 2018).


In 2016, Britt was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma- a shocking diagnosis for a previously healthy college athlete. After undergoing six months of chemotherapy, she stopped getting her period. The only option her doctors offered her to help reinstate her menstrual cycle was the birth control pill. She was unwilling to accept putting more hormones into her body and sought out natural alternatives. Finally, a nutritionist introduced her to the practice of eating specific combinations of seeds during different phases in her menstrual cycle to balance hormones and bring her period back. Within 3 months of following the protocol, just as predicted, Britt’s period returned and without any of the PCOS-related symptoms she’d experienced previously.

Jenn has lived most of her life on the West Coast, in Vancouver and Los Angeles, although originally from South Korea. The West Coast dogma of natural health paired with the Korean focus on holistic remedies meant she never took the birth control pill for her menstrual problems, despite being offered it by her doctor. Once Britt- her best friend from boarding school- introduced her to seed cycling, within 3 months her periods became more regular and her monthly hormonal acne no longer persisted. 

The pair partnered to create a subscription-based service that helps women use natural food products to support their periods, beginning with commercializing the Seed Syncing protocol Britt used. Empowering women to take their hormonal health into their own hands is why the pair founded Food Period.